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13 August 2017

Weigao Healthcare Industry Fund

The Weigao Healthcare Industry Fund is a recently formed joint venture of the Weigao Holding Company Limited and the Shandong State-owned Assets Investment Holdings Co., Ltd. Based in Weihai, Weigao is the largest manufacturer of medical devices in China. Since 2014, Weigao operates an in-house Rhodotron.

The Weigao Healthcare Industry Fund has recently acquired Rad Source and taken a 15% participation in Vanform.

Located in Jinan, Shandong Province, Vanform designs and manufactures electron accelerators and provides irradiation services through several irradiation centers across China. A leading supplier of Linacs in China, Vanform is a member of iia

The Georgia, USA based company Rad Source, founded in 1997 by Randol Kirk for the purpose of creating non-gamma irradiation alternatives, has been commercializing X-ray blood irradiators and laboratory research X-ray irradiator for nearly 20 years. They have now expanded their proprietary X-ray based irradiation technology in other fields