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14 February 2018

Updated iia website

The iia website has been updated with additional content and greater functionality.

A Resources page has been added to the public area of the website. This contains the recently published technology comparison White Paper and some newly produced Factsheets about irradiation and some of its applications. Further Factsheets are in the pipeline about ebeam and x-ray technologies and other topics of interest to industry. This area of the website will be used to publicly share literature and other resources to promote irradiation and the iia.

The Resources page in the Members Area of the iia website has also been updated. Here there are some additional Factsheets and an Advocacy section containing letters issued by iia, or by groups of which iia is a member, to support the irradiation industry. There are also links direct to the resources pages of some Platinum and Gold iia members and the Panel on Gamma & Electron Irradiation where additional information can be found about irradiation technologies, equipment, applications and science. A search bar was also recently added to the Members Area to make it easier for members to find required information