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12 September 2017

Radiation Processing in Iran

A paper titled ‘A review on the status and future trends of radiation processing in Iran’ has recently been published in the Journal of Radiation Research and Applied Sciences. The authors of the paper (S.R. Rafiee, E. Eftekhari-Zadeh , Y. Gholami) are from iia member Shar Parto Iranian Company (SPI Co.), Tehran, Iran. The paper can be accessed at the following link:

​SPI Co. is in the final stage of setting up the largest gamma irradiation facility in Iran with a maximum capacity of 2MCi cobalt-60. Currently, cold commissioning is underway and full operation will be started in late 2017 with a focus on the contract irradiation of single use medical devices and food. Further information about SPI Co can be found at the following link:​