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20 February 2017

New Members

Towards the end of 2016 iia we were pleased to welcome SPI (Iran), Systagenics (UK) and Radchem (Hungary) as new members. This month Benebion (Mexico) joined iia. A brief introduction to these new members appears below further information is available in the member listing:

Shar Parto Iranian (SPI): Based in Tehran, Shar Parto Iranian (SPI) is a leading knowledge-based company which is working to promote the health and well-being of society.


Systagenicx: Systagenix Wound Management, an Acelity company, offer a portfolio of leading edge advanced wound dressings for managing hard-to-heal acute and chronic wounds.

Radchem: Radchem Co Ltd. provides consultancy services related to isotope production, applications and radiation technology.

Benebion: operates a gamma facility devoted exclusively to food irradiation in Mexico. The company also provides consultancy to ensure compliance with national and international standards in the food industry.