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13 July 2017

New book on the history of radiation chemistry

The French Centre of Scientific Research (CNRS) just published a book (in French) on the history of Radiation-Induced Reactions Studies in France from the 19th Century to the Present Day.

This book will be of high interest to radiation chemists around the world who will learn about the early days of their science. Among several notable articles:

  • An article by Adolphe Chapiro on the early developments of polymers irradiation and some patent issues around direct grafting;
  • An interesting account by J. Cadet and J-Richard Wagner on the knowledge of the effects of ionizing radiation on nucleic acids;
  • A summary of the industrial applications of irradiation by Sophie Rouif of Ionisos.

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Réactions induites par les Rayonnements étudiées en France du XIXème siècle à nos jours.
La Revue du Comité pour l’Histoire du CNRS
CNRS Editions 2017 – Vol. VII – n° 1