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18 May 2017

Mr. Zhang Xianghua establishes the “Zhang Xianghua Laureate Prize” with Personal Fund One Million CNY

During the 18th International Meeting on Radiation Processing (IMRP 2016) held in Vancouver, Canada on November 11, 2016, the International Irradiation Association (iia) awarded the association’s highest accolade, the Laureate Award, to Mr. Zhang Xianghua, former Chairman (1992-2016) of Wuxi EL PONT Radiation Technology Co., Ltd. To express his gratitude to all the contributors to EL PONT’s development, and to inspire the innovative development of the radiation processing industry, Mr. Zhang Xianghua set up “Zhang Xianghua Laureate Prize” in 2017 to promote the development of EL PONT’s electron accelerator technology and radiation business.

With an annual fund of one million CNY from personal resource, the prize is divided into “Technology” and “Business” categories to award both original technologies, achievements of market development includes profit growth. Members of the Prize Committee include Prof. Li Zhaoxian, Head of EL PONT Accelerator Research Center and Member of National Electron Accelerator Expert Committee; Prof. Xia Jinzhi; Mr. Zhang Xianghua, Advisor to the Board of Directors of EL PONT Group; and Dr. Zhang Yuwei, General Manager of EL PONT Group. Each year, nominees will be reviewed in October and winners will be presented the awards in November.

From a iia perspective we would like to thank and to congratulate Mr Zhang. This is a wonderful example of an entrepreneur supporting ongoing scientific and commercial development.