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1 August 2006

ISSPA and iiA meet with NAS

ISSPA, the International Source Suppliers and Producers Association recently formed in 2005 to ensure that the beneficial use of radioactive sources continues to be regarded by the public, the media, legislators, and regulators as a safe, secure, viable technology for medical, industrial, and research applications. Virtually all source suppliers are members of this new association.

On July 10, 2006 Grant Malkoske, ISSPA Chairman presented a profile of the radiation source sector to the US National Academies Committee, which is investigating source use and replacement. Joining Grant were John Masefield, iiA Chairman and Hugh Evans, QSA Global representing CORAR (Council on Radionuclides & Radiopharmaceuticals). Committee members have been invited to tour both STERIS Isomedix and Sterigenics facilities.

Representatives of ISSPA and GIPA, courtesy of MDS Nordion and REVISS, participate and report on many IAEA meetings that pertain to cobalt-60 issues. Leading manufacturers of sealed radiation sources have a fundamental interest in the development of well-founded and appropriate regulatory control.