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25 April 2017

Irradiation in India

Irradiation continues to make progress in India where about 20 gamma irradiators are now in operation. Seven of them are owned by various government organization, three being research and semi commercial facilities. Most irradiators have a design capacity between 0.5 and 1 MCi capacity. Among the five facilities dedicated to low and medium dose food irradiation, three have been approved by USDA-APHIS for export of mangoes and pomegranates to the USA.

Our member Symec Engineers (India) is in the process of building two more facilities, in Ahmedabad and Indore, which will be commissioned by end of 2018. These new plants will incorporate a refrigeration system to cool the cell at 0-4° C during irradiation of perishable products like meat and seafood. Both will seek USDA-APHIS certification for export of fresh fruits to the USA.

Symec will also be commissioning India’s first dry sewage sludge irradiator by the end of 2017 at Ahmedabad, Gujarat. With a maximum source capacity of 1.5 MCi, the plant will be able to process up to 5 tons per hour. Irradiation of dry sludge will be followed by spraying of bacteria promoting plant growth onto the irradiated sludge, followed by automated bagging of the hygienized sludge, which will then be sold as a bio-fertilizer for agricultural use.