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5 November 2014

Innovative application of irradiation for winemakers

The website of El Mundo of 1st July 2014 reports an innovation designed in Northern Spain by the electron beam contractor Mevion Technology in collaboration with oenology experts.

In this new application, electron beam irradiation is used to inactivate Brettanomyces, a wine spoilage yeast present inside the wood of wine barrels. While the compounds formed by Brettanomyces may at low levels give complexity and an aged character to some young red wines, they are generally considered as having undesirable effects on bouquet and palate. The wines are then qualified as “Bretty” or metallic.

Approximately 4,000 barrels have been treated in 2014 with the accelerator supplied by Mevex.

The article (in Spanish) can be found at this link.