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19 October 2015

Industrial and Envionmental Applications of Electron Beams

The publication:

“Industrial and Environmental Applications of Electron Beams” ISBN 978-83-933935-7-2

is part of the EuCard2 initiative part funded by the European Commission and produced for EuCard by the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology in Poland. The Editor was Dagmara Chmielewska-Smietanko and the Technical Editor was Ewa Godlewska-Para.

The publication consists of 9 chapters:

1. Introduction to electron beam accelerators – Zbigniew Zimek

2. success and challenges of electron beam irradiation applications – Sunil Sabharwal

3. Application of electron accelerators in cable industry – Grazyna Przybytniak, Zbigniew Zimek

4. Electron beam sterilisation – Andrzej Rafaski, Magdalena Rzepna

5. Application of electron beam accelerators for food irradiation – Urszula Gryczka, Wojciech Migdal, Dagmara Chmielewska-Smietanko

6. Electron accelerators application in air polution control – Andrzej Chmielewski, Yongxia Sun

7. Mathematical modeling of the electron beam removal of acidic compounds from flue gases – Valentina Gogulancea, Vasile Lavric

8. Electron accelerators applications in waste and water applications – Bumsoo Han, Yuri Kim, Jinkyu KIm

9. Accelerator technology for environmentally friendly PCB degradation – Marko Fulop, Dunan pajdlhauser, Dusan Siplak, Andrea Sagatova, Peter Hybler