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15 June 2017

IMRP 19 Program Committee Meeting

The IMRP 19 Program Committee is meeting in Strasbourg to develop the outline themes and structure for the next conference.

The International Irradiation Association (iia) has appointed Yves Henon as Program Chair. Members of the Program Committee are:

  • Yves Henon (iia – Program Chair)
  • Bart Croonenborghs (Sterigenics)
  • Philippe Dethier (IBA)
  • Brian McEvoy (STERIS)
  • Uwe Gohs (Leibniz Institut)
  • Vincent Luo (replacing HH Ting – CGN Dasheng)
  • David Pymer (Harwell – not present – attending ASTM workshop)
  • Richard Wiens (Nordion)
  • Ji Sup Yoon (KAERI)
  • Paul Wynne (iia – representing Organising Committee)

Martin Comben (iia) and Isabel Stengler (IS Event Solutions – PCO) were present earlier this week for meetings at the venue in Strasbourg and with the Program Committee.

The meeting was hosted by Aerial. Aerial and IBA are Regional Sponsors of IMRP 19.

News and further updates will be posted on the iia website.