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9 September 2009

IAEA on Denials and Delays of Shipments

Anyone that is interested in the issue of denial and delays of the shipment of radioactive sources should visit the IAEA website and learn more about the many the activities underway.

1. Just published is the list of National Focal Point (NFP) containing 71 contact persons including alternatives, representing 65 member states for issues on denials of shipment of radioactive material . There is a report form used to notify them of any difficulties encountered in relation to the carriage of class-7 dangerous goods – radioactive material.

2. A schedule of the six workshops, summaries and final reports, including the most recent one at Gasperic – Luxembourg, 17-19 June 2009 organized by the IAEA in cooperation with the European Commission.

3. The Montevideo technical working group, from the first workshop in Uruguay 12-13 July 2007, developed a procedure and a spreadsheet to determine the costs of denials of shipment. Some of the activities carried out by the Montevideo group, were and continue to be, used as a reference by other regions.

4. The DoS (Denial of Shipment) database contains about 40 reports and they are uploading another 50 reports on instances of denials or delays. Discussed at the Gasperic meeting were details to further develop and improve the use of the DoS database.

At the Gasperic meeting we should note the remarks made by Ms. Kasturi Varley, IAEA Transport Safety Unit, Division of Radiation, Transport and Waste Safety (NSRW), “We need the Member States, International Organizations and Associations and the industry to be very proactive in denial activities and we want your commitments to resolving these problems. The later our response to addressing an issue, the more time and resources will be needed to solve the issue. In this respect the year, 2009, is a crucial year for containment of the denial problem as we will have all regional networks in operation. Early preventative actions on your part, the SC, the Agency, the International Organizations and Associations and the Industry are crucial if we are to sustain our successes in reducing the instances of denial.

Let me (Ms. Varley) remark again that it should be appreciated by all concerned that there has been no significant accident from transport of radioactive material over the past half century. We should not let the issue of denial of shipments of radioactive material render ineffective the good work that has been done for over a half century to ensure this great record.”

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