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1 June 2006

IAEA Meeting on Denials of Shipment

Vienna May 8-12, 2006. MDS Nordion participated in and reports on an IAEA meeting dealing with denial of shipments at the IAEA in early May. Approximately 60 delegates from 26 countries were present.

A course of action was agreed to which will see the creation of a Steering Committee made up of a competent authority representative, industry representatives [including one each from sealed sources and from medical applications], transport trade organizations, and international associations (e.g. IMO, ICAO, IAEA).

Mandate will be to identify, evaluate, and implement appropriate courses of action necessary to alleviate actual or potential denials of shipments and provide regular reports to the Director General of the IAEA. The IAEA will be working over the next several months to constitute and initiate the Steering Committee.