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1 October 2005

Ghana An Emerging Opportunity

A brand new report, “Irradiation Quarantine Export Development Feasibility Project” makes the compelling case that irradiation may be the only means of allowing fruits and vegetables exports from Ghana and the West Africa Trade Hub. Some countries have approved methyl bromide and hot vapour treatments for similar fruits exported from other regions, but the pests in Ghana are not included in those treatments. Getting new treatments in place for Ghana would require extensive pest-by-pest research on effectiveness. However, the new proposed irradiation quarantine regulation in the United States sets one minimum dose of 400 Gy for any food to eradicate the majority of pests from any country.

Ghana is emerging as a West African leader in using irradiation as a quarantine treatment. They have a long history in food irradiation research, political stability, improving economic picture and many export successes.

Thanks to the study sponsor, US AID, and authors, this 61 page detailed report is available to iiA members on our website.