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1 October 2007

Food Safety Continues to be an Issue


We continue to see massive food product recalls and devastating human suffering due to E.coli, salmonella, listeria or other bacterial contamination. Why we ask when food irradiation is a proven and important process for food safety.

John Masefield and the iiA Directors continue to tackle this important subject along with the many other activities happening in the world of radiation processing. We keep wondering when will the US FDA approve the ready-to-eat petition? What is happening with the FDA labelling of irradiated food? How do we encourage more food manufacturers, like the visionaries listed below to offer irradiated food?

Fortunately food irradiation is increasing and more countries are signing framework equivalency work plans (FEWP) to foster trade and US consumers can purchase irradiated food. Unfortunately Canada is lagging far behind and all I can buy is irradiated pigs ears for my dogs to enjoy.

Please send me any articles or news that would be of interested to those involved with radiation processing.1