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5 October 2005

European Food Irradiation Update

Direktor und Professor Dieter Ehlermann a.D., Linac Technologies’ consultant and formerly of the Federal Research Centre for Nutrition, Karlsruhe, Germany sent the iiA four reports on developments in food irradiation. All documents are now posted on the iiA website.

First document is “Irradiated Foods Marketed in Europe”. In 2005 after the accession of 10 or more members to the European Commission (EU) the legal situation is still not clear. Confusion exists on how they are dealing with conflicting regulations. Good news, Europe is irradiating an estimated 20,000 tonnes (over 4.3 million pounds) of food annually.

The second document is “The Radura Logo”- A history of its origins. This summary came from discussions with various groups and notable contributions by Henry Delincée, Harry Farrar, Yves Henon, and Jan Leemhorst.

Next document contains a table of “Advisory Technological Dose Limits”. The intent is a table that makes it easier for petitioning and granting licenses.

The last document is an update on the ISO/TC34, code of practise for irradiated food.

To address the many ISO/TC34 deficiencies John Logar, Sterigenics and USA nominated expert has submitted extensive proposals to improve the present ISO draft.

Experts from The Panel on Gamma and Electron Irradiation under the Chairmanship of John Woolston, Isotron provided considerable input and comments on this ISO/TC34 draft document. To date 4 of the 7 responding countries have adopted The Panel’s recommendation to use ISO11137 as a template.

We strongly recommend that iiA members interested in food irradiation follow this development closely.