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27 July 2017

EuCARD Applications of Accelerators

EuCARD-2 (European Coordinated Accelerator Research and Development) Integrating Activity has prepared a valuable and comprehensive document about the the Applications of Accelerators.

The introduction states that “In less than the 90 years since their invention, accelerators have propelled modern science – contributing to more than one-third of the Nobel prizes in physics – and they have reached well beyond fundamental research towards applied science and market applications. Although the most visible accelerators are the large machines employed in particle physics, of the more than 30,000 accelerators that currently exist in the world, only less than 1 per cent operate for the benefit of fundamental research; the large majority are small accelerators used for healthcare or in industry”. Follow the link to access the full document: EuCARD Applications of Accelerators 2017

EuCARD-2 is an Integrating Activity Project for coordinated Research and Development on Particle Accelerators, co-funded by the European Commission under the FP7 Capacities Programme. This project will contribute to positioning European accelerator infrastructures at the forefront of global research. Click on the link to visit the EuCARD website for more information.