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1 December 2006

Dirty Bomber’s Deadly Plots Exposed

Recently convicted terrorist Dhiren Barot engaged in a variety of feasibility studies to wreak large-scale attacks on western targets that included the use of radioactive materials, toxic gases, chemicals and or explosives. Hidden deep within his files, police discovered numerous research papers, documents and plans prepared for approval by al-Queda leadership.
Simplicity of the plan and availability of resources is preferred by al-Qaeda operatives and strategists. Apparently, Barot preferred radioactive americum- 241, because it is found in smoke detectors and easily obtained. However, he recognized that to cause significant contamination and havoc, then high- activity sources would be needed. But Barot was quoted, that these sources are the most difficult to acquire and even in a suicidal mission, terrorists might not live long enough to deliver a highly radioactive dirty bomb.

The most dangerous plan reported was called the “Gas Limos Project”. This detailed plan, over 39 pages long and divided into 4 sections, recommended packing stretch limousines with explosives and gas cylinders; leaving them in car parks to be detonated. He decided to use gas because it is easy to obtain. To his superiors Barot wrote, improvise rather than wasting valuable time becoming despondent over that which is not within your reach.

Arrested on July 13, 2004 by UK authorities, the trial took place in London. On November 7, 2006 Barot was sentenced to life in imprisonment after pleading conspiracy to murder.