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11 July 2017

Conservation and Restoration of St. Martin’s Chapel in Stari Brod, Croatia

St. Martin’s Chapel in Stari Brod, near Sisak in Croatia is a rare example of traditional folk baroque wooden architecture with a completely painted interior. This chapel was recently re-consecrated and returned to liturgical function after restoration and renovation. Our member the Ruđer Bošković Institute (RBI) collaborated with the Croatian Conservation Institute for the disinfestation and stabilization by gamma irradiation of all wooden painted panels before the subsequent restoration procedures started.

The chapel of St. Martin in Stari Brod. Click here to watch a video.

In Croatia, many cultural heritage objects have been jeopardized by the war. About one third of all biodegradable cultural heritage objects evacuated from northern Croatia, mostly wooden polychromic sculptures, parts of dismantled altars and other wooden church inventory were treated by gamma ray irradiation in the panoramic irradiation facility of the RBI to prevent massive biodegradation. Over the last decade, the use of irradiation for the preservation of cultural heritage has significantly grown in various countries of Central and Eastern Europe.