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15 February 2017

Beware – Spam Message

This morning we received a report of a message purporting to be from iia.

Updated 1200 hrs EDT 15 February 2017. We now believe that the email has been sent to the contact persons listed on the iia website. If correct this gives us confidence that our contacts database remains secure. If you receive the message below and are not listed as a contact on the iia website please contact Paul Wynne via so that we may investigate to ensure that security is maintained.

Updated 0630 hrs EDT 22 February 2017. No further reports have been received since our posting on 15 February. We continue to believe that the email addresses were trawled from the website and that our database remains secure.

This is SPAM.

We are investigating the actions that we can take to prevent risks. The message reads:

We kindly request that you follow this link HERE and sign-in with your email to view this important information from International Irradiation Association to all active members.

This announcement has been uploaded for your kind information through our secure information sharing portal which is linked to your email server.

Contact us for more details.

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