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30 June 2015

Solar Impulse – Nagoya to Hawaii

Using electrical power and being exposed to cosmic radiation during the flight is the only justification that I can think of for posting news of this epic journey on the iia website. The pilot on the latest and longest sector, Andre Borschberg, departed Nagoya (Japan) 1 day and 22 hours ago and is not yet[…]

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29 June 2015

U.S. Ports Update

1) The Ports Performance Act (S. 1298) passed the Senate Commerce Committee on June 25.  According to the committee press release, “S. 1298 may next be considered as part of the upcoming surface transportation reauthorization bill.”  The amended bill can be viewed here.  We encourage members to contact their Senators to support including this as part of[…]

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20 June 2015

Applications of Particle Accelerators in Europe

Various european initiatives in this field have been supported by the European Union (EU). Between 2003 and 2007 a program was call Coordinated Accelerator Research Europe (CARE). CARE was replaced by the Enhanced European Coordination for Research and Development (EuCARD) program which operated between 2008 and 2013. EuCARD2 operates between 2013 and 2017. Within EuCARD[…]

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19 June 2015

Developments in Food Irradiation in South West China

The attached note reports recent developments in the use of food irradiation in South West China. Food Irradiation in South West China Tomorrow we will update members on the EuCard2 meeting that is being held in London, England, yesterday and today.

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15 June 2015

Food Irradiation – Update

The Institute of Food Science and Technology have prepared a paper reviewing the current status of food irradiation. Follow the link to read the paper: Food Irradiation

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15 June 2015

The International Irradiation Association and Radtech Association sign an Affiliation Agreement

Radtech Association, based in Russia, represents Companies, Research Institutes, Universities and Start-Up Businesses. The associations will be working together to promote the safe and beneficial use of irradiation technologies and to improve knowledge through communication and education programs. Further details about Radtech Association can be found in the attached fact sheet. A copy of the Affiliation Agreement will[…]

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10 June 2015

iia supports scientific research by granting three awards to participants at the upcoming 13th Tihany Symposium on Radiation Chemistry.

iia Award winners 1 – Ms. Agnieszka Adamus –  Institute of Applied Radiation Chemistry, Lodz University of Technology, Lodz – Poland. Work title:  “EFFECT OF ELECTRON BEAM IRRADIATION ON THE STRUCTURE AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF POLY(TRIMETHYLENE CARBONATE) AND POLYLACTIDE COPOLYMERS”  iia Award: Contribution to the advancement of the science of ionizing irradiation 2 – Mr. Edgar Zavala –  Chemistry Faculty, Universidad Autonoma de Mexico, Mexico city –[…]

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8 June 2015

Senator Gardner introduces PORTS Act to protect American economy

Washington, DC – Senator Cory Gardner (R-CO) announced on Friday 5th June that he had introduced the Protecting Orderly and Responsible Transit of Shipments (PORTS) Act in the United States Senate to safeguard the American economy from the threat of labor shutdowns and slowdowns at seaports. The Act is designed to ensure that labour disputes[…]

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1 June 2015

FTC challenge the combination of Steris and Synergy

On Friday 29 May 2015 the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced that it was challenging the proposed merger of Steris and Synergy. Steris and Synergy responded by expressing their disappointment and by indicating that they will focus their efforts on prevailing in a court case which will review the FTC recommendation. The court case is[…]

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