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15 December 2009

ISO/TC34/WG10 Comments 15 December 2009

15 December 2009 | Message from Mariana Soledad Funes on behalf of Noelia Antonuccio, Convenor of ISO/ WG 10 on Food Irradiation to the members of the working group. Dear experts’, As we said in a previous mail, we asked to the TC34 Secretary about the next steps concerning ISO 14470 and we finally concluded[…]

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30 November 2009

Scientists are using SIT techniques to protect olive crops and olive oil…

The small innocuous-looking pest the Bactrocera oleae or commonly known as the olive fruit fly is capable of infesting up to 90% of a farmer’s fruit. This insect poses a serious threat to the olive and olive oil industries in southern Europe, North Africa, the Middle East and the USA. Scientists from the Joint Division[…]

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2 November 2009

ISO/TC34/WG10 Comments 2 Nov 2009

2 November 2009 | Message from Noelia Antonuccio, Convenor of ISO/ WG 10 on Food Irradiation to the members of the working group.Click here for the attachment Dear experts, Here I am sending you the following document, for your information: N32 – Comments received by 2009-09-21on the follow up of the comments and last version[…]

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9 September 2009

IAEA on Denials and Delays of Shipments

Anyone that is interested in the issue of denial and delays of the shipment of radioactive sources should visit the IAEA website and learn more about the many the activities underway. 1. Just published is the list of National Focal Point (NFP) containing 71 contact persons including alternatives, representing 65 member states for issues on[…]

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12 August 2009

IAPH World Ports Conference 2009

2009 August 12 | IAPH held 25-28 May 2009 REVISS Exhibition Report by Cathie Deeley REVISS IAPH is the biennial meeting of the International Association of Ports and Harbors (Harbours!). The model for the meeting closely parallels that of IMRP – the biennial International Meeting on Radiation Processing. It is mainly an industry conference with[…]

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2 July 2009

TC34/WG10 Results of ISO/CD 22008 Voting

24 June 2009 | Results of the of the ISO/CD 22008 voting and the ISO/TC 34 Secretary proposal for follow-up on this document. In a few weeks Noelia Antonuccio, SO/TC 34/WG 10 Convenor will send to members the responses of the Secretary to all the comments submitted. Dear all, Here I am sending you the[…]

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27 May 2009

Sterigenics Fleurus Incident

On May 7, 2009, a maintenance technician informed the Operator of Gammir II that he planned to go into the cell during a batch exchange to perform some distance measurements. The operator locked out the source rack after the end of the irradiation process of one batch and proceeded changing out the product batches. After[…]

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22 May 2009

CDC/AAMI WG 90 Meeting

revised DRAFT 4/22/09 rfm Notes from CDC/AAMI WG 90 Meeting of 3/16/09 David Liu and Bob Morrissey (representing AAMI WG 90) gave a presentation on sterility assurance of industry sterilized medical devices to Drs. Cliff McDonald, Arjun Srinivasan, Matthew Arduino, Lynne Sehulster and Elise Beltrami of the CDC Prevention & Response Branch. A summary of[…]

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30 April 2009

NRC Directs Staff to Enhance Security of Cesium Chloride

The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) has directed the agency staff to continue enhancing the security of cesium chloride radiation sources, while encouraging research and further technological developments for alternative chemical forms of cesium-137. The Commission agreed with the staff’s position in a paper presented last November that near-term replacement of cesium chloride sources in existing[…]

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