The global voice for the radiation processing industry.

About iia

The International Irradiation Association is a not-for-profit organization which aims to support the global irradiation industry and scientific community. A core objective of the Association is to support members in advancing the safe and beneficial use of irradiation. Communication, Education and Representation are key activities undertaken by the Association.

Membership of the Association is diverse and includes corporations, research institutes, universities and government affiliated departments around the world. Increasingly the Association is forging relationships with regional, national or technology specific organisations whose aims are aligned with those of iia. Our members are leaders in the irradiation community.

The Association has a small management team and an elected board of directors all of whom have extensive experience of working within the industry.

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The aims of the Association are to:

  • promote commerce,
  • provide leadership, and support to members, in advancing the safe and beneficial use of irradiation technology,
  • to represent the interests of the members, when appropriate, with international and national legislative authorities and regulatory agencies,
  • to provide a forum for information exchange and dissemination about the use of radiation processing,
  • to assist in the education of government agencies, other professional associations and organizations, and where feasible, the public,
  • to facilitate the commercialization of developing applications of radiation processing; and
  • to foster and support industry confidence in the safe commercial use of irradiation technology (gamma, E-beam and X-ray).

The International Irradiation Association is recognized as an Non Governmental Agency (NGO) by the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA).
The Association works to engage the IAEA when new international rules and regulations are being developed.

iia Key Facts

More than 40% of the world’s single use medical devices are sterilised using irradiation technologies

Approximately 300 Million cubic feet of medical products are processed annually by gamma irradiation in the U.S.A.

22,000 Tons of fruit is processed as a phytosanitary/border control measure

4 Billion insects are sterilised to reduce crop spoilage and loss

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is the governing body of the Association. The Board is comprised of senior leaders from a broad spectrum of member organizations. The Board establishes the strategic direction of the Association and establishes policies, programs and services consistent with the Association’s strategic direction and core objectives.

John Masefield, iia Chairman Executive Advisor to STERIS Isomedix Services, USA


John Masefield, a leader and innovator, is one of the most influential pioneers in the field of radiation sterilization. He was educated in engineering and physics in the U.K. In 1959 John joined Atomic Energy of Canada, and worked on the first industrial cobalt-60 irradiator in North America for the sterilization of medical devices.

In 1972, Mr Masefield founded Isomedix, one of the world’s largest providers of contract irradiation services (Isomedix joined the NASDAQ in 1983, and NYSE in 1995). He held the position of Chairman, President, and CEO, of Isomedix for 25 years until two years after its merger with STERIS Corporation in 1997. john currently he serves as Executive Advisor to STERIS Isomedix Services.

John served on the Board of Directors of the Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI).  In addition, he served for over twenty years as Co-Chairman of the International Standards Committee that ultimately developed the worldwide standards for the radiation sterilization of medical products, accepted as ISO 11137. In 2003 received the Kilmer Memorial Award for International leadership in advancing the science and practice of radiation sterilization. John Masefield is the Chairman of the Board for the International Irradiation Association (iia).

Professor Andrzej Chmielewski, iia Director Director General of the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Poland


Professor Andrzej Chmielewski is Director General of the Institute of Nuclear Chemistry and Technology, Warsaw, Poland which is an IAEA Collaborating Centre for Radiation Technology and Industrial Dosimetry.

Andrzej spent part of his career as a member of the Industrial Applications and Chemistry Section of the IAEA and has spent many years working at academic institutes in Poland and in the United States. Andrzej has a strong interest in the commercial application of irradiation technology and environmental applications and is a regular speaker at international conferences.

Kenneth Hsiao, iia Director Chairman and CEO of Jiangsu Dasheng Electron Accelerator Co Ltd, PR of China


Kenneth Hsiao is Chairman and CEO of Jiangsu Dasheng Electron Accelerator Co Ltd. His business is based on the outskirts of Shanghai PRC. Dasheng has 14 operational Electron Beam machines including a Rhodotron. Besides using electron beams for commercial purposes Dasheng also builds Dynamitrons and sell about 30 units per year.

Joyce Hansen, iia Director Vice President at Johnson & Johnson Sterility Assurance based in New Jersey, USA


Joyce has over 30 years of industrial sterilization experience. Prior to joining Johnson & Johnson she held various positions including being Vice President, Sterility Assurance, for Baxter Healthcare, Director, Global Sterility Assurance at Sherwood, Davis & Geck as Vice President of Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance at Isomedix.

Ms. Hansen is the past convener of ISO/TC 198 Working Group on Radiation Sterilization, past co-Chair of the AAMI Radiation Sterilization Working Group, past co-Chair of the AAMI Microbiology Working Group and past co-Chair of the AAMI Sterility Assurance Level Working Group.

Kathy Hoffman, iia Director Sr. Vice President, Global Environmental, Health & Safety, Sterigenics International, Inc


Kathy is based in Chicago, USA. Responsible for global environmental, health & safety compliance and programs for all Sterigenics facilities and laboratories. Previously Kathy was responsible for Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance at Sterigenics, Ion Beam Applications and Griffiths Microscience.

Dr. Byron Lambert, iia Director Sr. Assoc. Fellow, Sterilization Science, in R&D at Abbott Vascular (AV) based in California, USA


His focus in R&D is on finding terminal sterilization solutions for combination devices with material compatibility challenges.  A current project is the development of a bioresorbable scaffold for treatment of clogged coronary arteries.

His previous responsibilities have included managing sterilization operations, microbiology / chemistry / calibration labs and reliability engineering.  He brought novel electron beam and ethylene oxide sterilization technologies to Abbott Vascular. He is active in industry sterilization standards activities, currently serving as Convener of the International Standards Organization (ISO) Radiation Sterilization Working Group.  He has authored several papers and presents regularly at industry forums. His Ph.D. is in Chemical Engineering, radiation and polymer science, from the University of Maryland.

Olivier Legrain, iia Director CEO IBA Group, Brussels, BELGIUM


Olivier joined IBA SA in 1996 as Controller and was particularly involved in the IPO of the company. In 1998 he was appointed Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of Scanditronix Medical AB Sweden, the new subsidiary of IBA’s dosimetry activities. He returned to the Belgian headquarters for a period of two years before taking the roles of Chairman and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Wellhöfer Scanditronix AB from 2001 to 2003 in Sweden. After having successfully managed the dosimetry branch of operations, Olivier Legrain took control of IBA Molecular in 2003 as President. IBA Molecular used to be the radiopharmaceuticals branch of IBA Group. These activities were sold in 2015 in line with the company’s strategy to divest non-core assets in order to focus on proton therapy and associated technologies. In 2011, he became responsible for establishing the future strategy of the IBA Group with his new role as Chief Strategy Officer (CSO).

In May 2012 Olivier became CEO of the IBA Group.

Kevin Brooks, iia Director President, Nordion, Ottawa, CANADA

Kevin Brooks

Kevin Brooks is President of Nordion, leading skilled teams in both the Gamma Technologies and Medical Isotopes business units.  Kevin was previously with Nordion in the position of Senior VP, Sales & Marketing. Kevin was most recently the Vice President of Sales, Marketing & Business Development at Jubilant DraxImage in Montreal.

Kevin is a passionate life sciences executive who has proven successful at envisioning and executing strategies instrumental to sustainable business growth.  In addition to his time at Nordion and DraxImage, he has gained significant experience in nuclear medicine at GE Healthcare, Bracco Diagnostics, Bristol-Myers Squibb and numerous other organizations.  Kevin has a BS in healthcare administration from Gwynedd Mercy College in Pennsylvania, and an MBA from Temple University, also in Pennsylvania.

iia Executive Team

The iia executive team is lead by a Director & General Manager with a small team of experienced individuals who are passionate about the technology and the benefits that it delivers around the world. In addition to the core team the Association has access to finance and administration support and works with other specialists when required.

Paul Wynne iia Director & General Manager


Between 1987 and 2011 Paul worked for Isotron in the UK and subsequently Synergy in roles in the UK and Asia. Paul was Finance Director of the Isotron Group as well as taking on some operational roles in Asia. After Isotron was acquired by Synergy in 2007 he took on more operational roles becoming Regional CEO Asia and Africa at Synergy before leaving in late 2011. Paul was involved in the formation of iia and has been a director of the Association since its inception in 2004. Since leaving Synergy Paul has been providing consultancy support to the Association and has been its General Manager since 2012.

Yves Henon iia Deputy General Manager


An Agronomist (Institut National Agronomique, Paris) with an MSc in Food Science and Technology (LSU, Baton Rouge, USA). Yves worked for the French Atomic Energy Commission as an applications engineer later becoming Head of the Food Irradiation Laboratory. He joined Gammaster, later part of Isotron, in 1987 overseeing the construction of plants in France and Thailand. He has lived in Bangkok since the late 1990’s. Yves left Isotron in 2006 and now regularly undertakes assignments for the IAEA.

Martin Comben iia Manager


Martin has worked in various international business roles within the irradiation industry for over 20 years. He has extensive knowledge of the industry structure, technologies and the operational and regulatory environment surrounding the use of cobalt-60 sources.

Gustavo Varca iia Scientific Advisor


Gustavo is a Post-Doc researcher at IPEN-CNEN/SP in Brazil and international consultant. He has a bachelor’s in pharmacy and a doctorate in Nuclear Technologies. Gustavo is an assistant editor of the Radiation Physics and Chemistry journal and editorial board member of international scientific journals.

Strategic Alliances

The Association has a growing number of strategic alliances with Affiliated organisations: